06 Jul

Dentists in Central London fit mouth guards for patients worried about losing teeth

There really is no need to put your precious teeth at risk of being lost. You only get one set of health teeth and once they are gone, you will have to replace them with something artificial. Some of these methods are extremely effective, such as dental implants and dental bridges and modern dentures are more comfortable and workable than ever before. But it is surely preferable to protect your teeth from damage in the first place.
If you partake in activities such as rugby, hockey, boxing or mountain biking or have a job working with heavy or dangerous machines you should take the necessary steps to protect your teeth from the harmful effects of an accident to the mouth.
The best way to do this is to wear a mouth guard. They can be bought cheaply from any sports equipment or kit store. The cheapest type of mouth guard will not, however provide your teeth with very much protection. Better are the so called ‘boil and bite’ variety of mouth guards. These offer a higher level of protection because they are better fitted to the shape of your teeth by immersing them in boiling water and then biting them.
The most effective way to protect your mouth from injury is to get your Central London dentist to fit you with a mouth guard. This will provide you with the optimum level of protection because your dentist will take the time to make a mouth guard that is uniquely tailored to the shape and contours of your teeth and gums. This is the most expensive option of the three types but it is still cheaper and more convenient than having to replace lost teeth.