11 Aug

Dentists in Central London have great success fitting dental implants for patients missing teeth

The things that are possible in dental surgeries in the United Kingdom are really quite staggering. From stunning porcelain veneers and crowns which conceal unsightly teeth to whitening treatment that can restore teeth to the whitest possible shade, dentists are able to perform incredible things with the oral health and aesthetics of their patients. One of the most incredible advances in dental science in recent decades has been the advent of dental implants. Read on to find out more.
Dental implants came about as part of the quest to find the best way to replace lost teeth. In order for the mouth to function and function well, it is vital that there is a full set of teeth, even if some of them are false. But dental scientists have long wrestled with what is the best way to replace lost teeth and how to adequately achieve the natural levels of strength and stability which one has with natural teeth.
By placing a small device beneath the gum, dentists using dental implants can replicate the form and function of the root of a tooth. The implant is strategically placed tight against the jaw bone so that the titanium it is made from can fuse (or osseointegrate) with the bone. This give the implant a high level of strength and stability and once a replacement tooth is secured in the implant, patients soon forget that it is not a natural tooth!
The invasive nature of the surgery will mean that they are not suitable for everyone. Your Central London dentist can give you all the advice you need if you are thinking about having dental implants.