08 Sep

Dentists in central London tell patients that veneers can also be used on crooked teeth

Dental veneers are probably most famous for covering up teeth which are chipped or stained. They can easily fit on the surface of teeth and conceal any unsightly aspects, leaving the wearer with a beautiful smile. But they can also be used on crooked teeth as well. If you are interested in this usage of dental veneers then your dentist in central London will be happy to talk about it with you any time.
Dental veneers are extremely adaptable, largely thanks to the material that they are made from. Modern veneers tend to be made from porcelain and this means that dentists can easily use them in small amounts and tailor them to the colour of surrounding teeth. For many years, people have been concealing stained or cracked teeth with them.
Crooked teeth can also be concealed with the careful and strategic placement of a veneer. If your dentist fixes a veneer at a certain angle onto a crooked tooth, it will give the appearance that the tooth is straight in the mouth. Central London dentists can adapt the veneer so that it is thicker on one side and this side can then be fixed to the angle of the teeth that is recessive into the mouth.
For people with a couple of crooked teeth, this might be the perfect solution. The only alternatives really to straightening out crooked teeth are to get something like a brace fitted. This treatment is often lengthy, not to mention expensive. Porcelain dental veneers can be fitted onto teeth in just one short session with a dentist using the latest technology, allowing you to walk out of the surgery with a set of great looking teeth.