11 Apr

Dentists in London Offer Computer Imaging

Several procedures are now becoming popular in cosmetic dentistry, whereby professionals are striving to deliver best available services to their patients with greater ease and better accuracy. A technology, previously viable only among the plastic surgeons, computer aided dental imaging is now being widely adopted by the dental surgeons for showing their patients what cosmetic dentistry can do to their smile. This technique has made its way into several dental clinics in London, whereby the dentists include it as a complementary service for the patients, who want to undergo cosmetic dental procedures.The technology involves taking simplistic digital photograph of the patients face, followed by downloading it on to a computer. A specialised cosmetic dentistry imaging software application then takes on the task and provides smile designs that suit the patient’s facial structure best. You can view the smile designs, get it printed if you want and go about the cosmetic dental procedure. Such cosmetic dental procedures include, though not limited to, one or a combination of the following – bleaching, veneers, bonding, orthodontic treatments, and so on.
Generally, cosmetic dental treatments are expensive and much often patients do not like their newly acquired smile after undergoing the procedure. It is to their rescue that digital dental imaging finds its validity. Moreover, this service is delivered to the patients free of cost and it is fun to be able to choose your smile. Digital dental imaging has also made it an easy task for the dentists to restore the smile on their patients’ faces.