01 Aug

Dentists in London use braces to correct all manner of tooth alignment issues

Sometimes the old ways are still the best and you might say that this is the way when it comes to teeth straightening methods. In recent years there have a number of new methods spring up which can boast of being discreet or removable or able to straighten out teeth with hitherto unknown speed. But the tried and tested method of metal braces are, in many ways the best option if you have multiple tooth alignment issues which need to be ironed out.
Braces work with a simple but highly effective modus operandi. Your dentist will affix metal brackets to the teeth in your mouth and then thread adjustable metal wires through them. Over a period of time, usually about eighteen months or two years, these wires will be tightened as they need to be so that your teeth are gently moved into a position that leaves them straightened out and perfectly aligned.
The advantages of having perfectly straightened out teeth are several. Not only will the look of your smile be better, you will also find that you are less prone to several dental ailments which can result from having crooked or misaligned teeth. Dentists have found a link between patients who suffer from bruxism where they are grinding their teeth during their sleep and misaligned teeth. If teeth are too bunched up together then there might be a greater chance of cavities forming in the tight gaps between them because they are more troublesome to clean.
It is likely that your London dentist will have fitted a great number of braces and they will be able to give you all the information you need to decide if braces are the right option for you.