18 Aug

Dentists in the City of London produce incredible results with Enlighten tooth whitening treatment

Having a set of white teeth will give a great boost to your confidence but many people have a set of teeth which are stained or just rather dull. Certain habits like smoking tobacco or drinking a high level of coffee, tea or red wine can stain teeth but, even if you refrain from these things, the passing years and the constant use of your teeth will probably make them more dull than they were in your youth. What can you do about it? One answer is to speak to your dentist about Enlighten tooth whitening.
Enlighten tooth whitening is a convenient way to whiten your teeth that still incorporates the expertise of your dentist. This is the best of both worlds because home whitening kits do provide an extra level of convenience because you are in charge of the treatment and can do it in your own time but it is good to have an expert overseeing what is happening.
Although many home teeth whitening kits are highly effective at their job, they are often not quite as effective as they could be because the trays which are filled with whitening gel and worn on the teeth are mass produced and so might not fit with a great level of exactitude on your teeth. The advantage with Enlighten tooth whitening is that the trays are made by Your City of London dentist after he or she has taken moulds of your teeth.
By filling these trays with the whitening gel and wearing them while you sleep for forty nights, you will remove the stains and attain a level of whiteness on your teeth that you probably have not experienced since your youth.