05 Aug

Dentists in the City of London replace unsightly metal fillings with cosmetic bonding

Cavities can form in teeth as a result of plaque that is left on teeth. So acidic is plaque that it causes the enamel to erode and holes to be formed. If this process is not stopped then teeth will lose their functionality. Regular visits to the dentist ought to ensure that this doesn’t happen because they will monitor your teeth and take action before cavities can form. But in the event that cavities should occur, you will need to get them filled before the problem gets any worse.
For many years, your only option for filling cavities in teeth was to get metal fillings. These were never particularly popular with dentists because the metal that was used could be difficult to work with. As a result, dentists often could not be as precise as they wanted and sometimes the fillings would fail. This was unsatisfactory for patients too and even if the fillings were successful they had a rather unsightly appearance. Having spots of black metal inside the mouth was not something many people were keen on.
Using a new composite of dental substances dentists can now fill cavities in teeth in a new way that is far more popular. It is called cosmetic bonding; dentists find it easier to work with and patients are happier with the results. The material used in cosmetic bonding is tooth coloured so it is far more subtle. Dentists can even tailor it so that it matches the colour and shade of the surrounding teeth. The fact that it is far more malleable than metal means that dentists can be more accurate and are finding that the results are a great deal more successful.
Contact your City of London dentist if you want to get your metal fillings replaced using cosmetic bonding.