13 Sep

Dentists in the City of London warn patients about the links between plaque and gum disease

Plaque is not just a bothersome substance when it comes to teeth. It also has a profound effect on gums when it is exposed to them. As such, taking the right care of your mouth is doubly important because it means not just saving your teeth from erosion but also stopping gum disease. Often misunderstood, gum disease can cause teeth to be lost and is something that it is worth doing your best to side step if possible.
The good news is that gum disease is pretty easy to avoid if you follow the simple processes of maintaining good oral hygiene. The thing to remember is that plaque left on the gum line of teeth will cause the gums to become inflamed. Bear this in mind when brushing so that you are removing plaque from those particular areas of teeth as well. But make sure that you are not over compensating and brushing too hard because this can damage the gums.
Flossing is vital too because plaque, not to mention food debris can easily hide in the gaps between teeth. Once there it can do immense damage, not only to teeth but to the gums also. Regular brushing is unlikely to be able to remove the plaque and debris from the tight gaps between teeth and, without flossing, the plaque there can start to cause the inflammation that heralds gum disease. By pulling medicated dental floss between your teeth you will be doing the best job to remove plaque from those sensitive areas.
Your City of London dentist will tell you that healthy gums are a shade of pink. Any reddening or swelling should be reported to your dentist immediately.