26 Aug

Dentists urge patients to avoid DIY aligners

More and more people are eager to enjoy a straight, beautiful smile. With the demand for orthodontic solutions soaring, a growing number of patients are opting for DIY aligners.

DIY aligners are usually purchased online, and they tend to be a lot cheaper than braces provided by dentists and orthodontists. The trouble with DIY braces is that they don’t work as effectively, and they are not designed for the individual. There is also a major concern among dentists about the lack of contact and interaction between patients and the providers. Usually, when a patient goes to the dentist for orthodontic treatment, they will have a consultation followed by a series of regular check-ups with their dentist until their treatment is complete. Braces are tailored to the patient, and dental professionals are on hand to offer advice and to make adjustments to optimise results. 

In recent months, there has a been a lot written about online providers and firms selling DIY aligners and cheap braces. The worry for dentists is that this industry is largely unregulated, and there is very little dentists can do to stop people buying DIY aligners online. If individuals spend money on braces that damage the teeth, cause pain or don’t solve problems, the chances are that they won’t be able to make a claim, and they could end up out of pocket, especially if they need treatment after wearing their braces. 

Dentist, Dr Jan Einfeldt, is one of many professionals calling for more to be done to regulate dental products and companies that offer DIY aligners. In some cases, people have bought aligners that have never turned up after the company has gone bust, and some buyers have ended up going to their dentist for treatment after experiencing discomfort or even spotting signs of damage on the teeth. 

The General Dental Council has clamped down on illegal tooth whitening in recent years, and dentists are eager to see stricter measures introduced for individuals and businesses that sell cheap DIY aligners and faulty, ineffective braces online.