13 May

Dentures don`t have to be a burden; says a Central London dentist

Dentures have been with us since just after the plough was invented, in the distant past they consisted of animal teeth, sea shells, ivory, bone and even wood, Benjamin Franklin had a polished set of wooden dentures that he wore with pride says a Central London dentist. Today dentures are much more sophisticated and are not just a useful aid to us in eating, they also give us a confidence that many people have lost in life with badly misaligned, discoloured and chipped or cracked teeth. They are designed by computers and made from the best materials available. The use of digital photography, digital X-rays, teeth moulds and computer programs are all combined to produce space age dentures to be proud of. Using the latest technical advances, an orthodontist uses 3D imagery to let us see what our new teeth will look like, and they will be specially designed to suit our individual mouths. You can literarily glue them in and forget about them, they are sealed much better and the old problem of food getting in between the plate and the roof or bottom of the mouth, is now virtually eliminated. Dentures can`t be worn by everyone, sadly some people just can`t get along with them, but they are few and far between. Your first stop will be your dentist, but you`ll already be seeing them and having teeth extracted for one reason or another. As you lose your teeth your dentist will work with you to start replacing them with dentures, these can start off with an individual tooth, a few on a plate or in rare cases a whole row of teeth can be extracted and replaced with designer dentures. Some people who suffer constant teething problems have opted to have a whole row removed, and replace with better looking, problem free dentures.