02 Nov

Dentures in the city of London

Losing a tooth or indeed, all your teeth can be quite traumatic moment in your life, but the use of dentures for both cosmetic and clinical reasons can be detrimental to oral health, according to a dentist in London. False teeth come in many forms, the obvious being dental crowns and porcelain veneers, though these rely on the original tooth still being present. Implants or bridges- these stop the original teeth moving out of place and support the bite. They also support speech, looks and aid mastication. In some cases, a person will lose all the teeth through gum disease, tooth decay, trauma or drug use. In this case, once the teeth have been extracted, it can take several months for the gums to heal before dentures can be fitted. An impression is taken once the gums have healed and the teeth can be fitted using a sealant. In time, and with a quality set of dentures, the sealant can be discarded. As with all false teeth, the mouth needs to adjust and dentures can cause discomfort for a few days. Speech and eating can be a problem at first, but once the
New dentures settle down to normal and the recipient can once again smile with confidence.