06 Aug

Destructive Teeth Grinding in Central London

Teeth grinding is one of those conditions in central London that doesn’t seem too much of an issue at first and so you might be fooled into the idea that if you get a mouth-guard to wear, the problem is solved, but you could never be more wrong as this is nowhere near remedying the problem of grinding. In fact, the destruction that it can cause in the long run may well lead to some very hefty surgery coming your way. Not only do your teeth bear the front line brunt of the condition, but sustained grinding, even with the mouth-guard in, will start to overload your jaw joints and cause them to wear and click and ache. These forces can also lead to tinnitus, nasal difficulties, headaches, damage to the neck and putting the spinal cord in danger, and damage in the upper back. Stress is the main contributor to teeth grinding and this is the real issue that needs to be addressed. If you talk to your dentist, you may find that you require stress and anger management in order to identify the things that are causing you to get uptight and then how to deal with them. Then you have to learn how to relax at home, especially before you go to bed at nights, as this is the time where the problem is rife.