14 Sep

Devious Dental Phobias in the City of London

‘PHOBIA: an irrational fear that causes one to avoid the feared activity or situation’ or something like that. However you paint it up though, dental phobias can be a real issue for both patients and dentists alike in the city of London. For the patient, it can be terribly stifling: the fear of dentists can be triggered by all manner of things, from personal awful experiences from past visits to the dentist, things that you have seen happen to others, the thought of what might happen to you when you get there, is the dentist just another bully you have to deal with like you did at school? Whatever the cause, one little phobia can grow very quickly as your mind starts running away with wild ideas- it can also breed other phobias to all walks of your life. If however you can put up a fight and crack a phobia, even if it is not dental related, it will give you strength to rid yourself of others. Counselling is a good place to start if you’ve got it really bad, then, so are the dentists. You may have phobias about a dentists instruments that were used in Shakespearian times, but by paying a visit, you will see that dentists are using the most advanced and painless equipment; laser surgery has changed the way dentistry is done- for the good. By talking to your dentist, you can also express your fears face-to-face and then you and the dentist can come up with ways to solve them. If you work together and then learn all about what you can have done to make your trip a lot less painless, the choice is then empowering you in the decision making process, putting you in control and, some of you will love this idea, making a slave of your dentist- you now rule at the dentists! As a footnote, if you need any further incentive to overcome your phobias, google bad teeth: if your phobia gets you to this stage, the dentist is the last of your worries!