02 Sep

Discover modern braces at London dentist

Misaligned teeth can really spoil the appearance of a smile. Even if the teeth are in really good condition, being clean and white, if they are not straight it is instantly noticeable. When it comes to your teeth, to look their best, everything has to be right. Now, you can obviously clean your teeth to keep them clean and white, and even use whitening treatment to improve the colour, but what can you do if the teeth are not straight? The answer is to use orthodontic straightening treatments, commonly known as braces.
For many years, the world of orthodontics was dominated by the fixed metal, or train track brace. This is a tried and tested brace proven to be very effective. However, it did have some fairly obvious drawbacks. Firstly, the brace had a significant aesthetic impact, with its prominent metal brackets and wires, you could spot a fixed metal brace from a mile away. They also were uncomfortable, frequently causing patients irritation and discomfort, and all of this could last as long as three years.
Thankfully, over the last decade there has been an explosion in the way orthodontic treatments have been designed. Nowadays, a lot more attention is focused on making the treatment work for the patient and not the other way round. Braces such as Invisalign, Inman and the Six Month Smile are discreet, fast acting and use a lot less force to move the teeth into the desired position. For every patient there is now a brace to suit them and their needs. For a full range of the treatments available, make an appointment with your London dentist. They will be able to make an assessment about the condition of your teeth and their alignment and tell you which brace system will work best for you.