02 Jun

Discover the different braces available from London dentist

Everybody is familiar with braces, as they have become more and more prevalent over the last two decades. More young people are now able to benefit from the straightening effects of braces and have the beautiful smile that they want.
Braces are needed for a number of different reasons. Teeth are often overcrowded due to a lack of room in the dental arc, which causes the teeth to be forced together. This makes the teeth rotate and move out of alignment. This can often spoil the appearance of a smile, even if the teeth are clean and in good condition. The reverse is also true, that the teeth have too much room between them causing unsightly spaces between the teeth. All alignment issues can cause disruptions to the bite and profile of the patient, which can be both painful and have long-term consequences for facial structure.
There are many different types of brace available on the market, each with its own distinct advantage and selling point. In fact, over the last fifteen years or so, there has been an incredible improvement in brace technology and there are now brace treatments available that offer incredibly fast results, discreet straightening and also treatment with a greater degree of comfort.
For example, the Inman aligner and Six Month Smile braces can straighten teeth up to three quarters faster than regular braces and with equally stunning results. Invisalign braces are made of clear plastic and offer incredibly discreet teeth straightening, which is perfect for patients who don’t want to sacrifice their appearance but still want straighter teeth. To find out more about the variety of braces and possible benefits for your or your child’s teeth, make an appointment to discuss treatment with a London dentist. They will run through all the brace options available to you and offer advice on which may be the most suitable.