02 Apr

Discover the possibility of braces at London dentist

For people of a certain generation, the idea of braces conjure up a certain image. Ugly, uncomfortable metal ‘train-track’ braces full of wires and metal brackets. Thankfully, and fortunately, for today’s younger generation, braces have developed since then and there is now a wide variety of different kinds of braces on the market to suit each individual’s need.
Orthodontic straightening is now faster, more comfortable and more effective. Treatment can now be achieved in just a quarter of the time it used to take with some traditional braces, and the amount of discomfort has been greatly reduced. One brace that has taken traditional orthodontic methods and improved them is the Six Month Smile brace. With average treatment time being only six months and a lot less force required to manipulate teeth into position, Six Month braces are proving to be very popular with younger patients. They are even manufactured using clear plastic brackets and tooth coloured wires for maximum discretion.
Although they do come a long way behind Invisalign braces in terms of discretion. Invisalign braces are made from one millimetre thick clear plastic and are virtually invisible when in the mouth. Treatment times are slightly longer but many patients feel this is a worthwhile sacrifice to have braces that do not spoil their appearance.
Other braces available from London dentists include the Inman aligner and Damon braces, each having their own distinct area of advantage. Some braces are more suitable for some teeth than others but your dentist will be able to assess your suitability during an initial consultation. Whichever brace is most suitable for your teeth, you can look forward to a more comfortable treatment with less disruption to your life than would have been possible twenty years ago and you will also have a beautiful straight smile to show off at the end.