13 Sep

Discover the uses of the digital x-ray at Central London dentist

Dentists now have many tools at their disposal that are at the cutting edge of technology. This has made treatment faster and more efficient, as well as making it more pleasant and convenient for the patient. One of the most important of these technological advancements is the digital x-ray. This is not only useful as a stand-alone tool but has also facilitated the invention and use of many other more advanced treatments.
The advantages of digital x-rays over conventional x rays are easy to view. Firstly there are the development times which are significantly reduced for digital x-rays. Whereas the old style x-rays would need to be developed in a lab, the new digital format can display the results in a second on a computer screen right in front of the dentist. This makes diagnosis and treatment so much faster than it has ever been possible in the past. The images are also of a very high standard and not susceptible to development errors like the old print x-rays. The images can also be stored easily on a computer, reducing the need for bulky and time consuming filing systems.
The x-rays are also much safer for both patients and dentists with emissions being reduced by as much as 80 per cent. This has for a long term been a major concern of using dental x-rays.
The most significant use however, is in the fact that it allows chair side dentistry to happen. This is the process by which dental restorations such as porcelain veneers and crowns can be made in a matter of minutes rather than the weeks it used to take. As you can imagine this has made the job of the Central London dentist and the experience of the patient so much easier and more pleasurable.