22 Jan

Discreet Fillings for a Happier Smile

At Baker Street Dental Group, beautiful smiles are our game and we use the latest treatments and techniques to repair and restore damaged and decayed teeth with minimal impact on tooth aesthetics. With white fillings we are able to fill cavities and protect a decayed tooth without detracting from the beauty of the smile.

About white fillings

If you have a cavity, you will probably be advised to have a filling. Fillings are designed to strengthen the teeth by filling the hole and protect them by reducing the risk of bacteria spreading through the tooth. Often, a filling prevents further damage to the tooth, which would result in the need for more extensive treatment, such as a crown, in the future.
White fillings are made from dental composite, which comes in lots of different tooth-coloured shades. We choose the closest match to your natural tooth for your filing, so that the join between the filling and the rest of the tooth will be completely undetectable.
In the past, white fillings were only recommended for the front teeth. However, modern materials are much more robust and white fillings are now suitable for most patients.
The procedure to fill a tooth usually takes around one hour. Local anaesthetic is used to numb the tooth beforehand to prevent pain. Before the composite is placed inside the cavity, the hole is cleared of decayed tissue and cleaned thoroughly. The composite is then put into the cavity and shaped to fit the hole. It is then set hard with a curing light and any final adjustments are made to ensure a comfortable fit and a flawless finish.

The advantages of white fillings

White fillings produce a much more discreet aesthetic than mercury amalgam fillings, and they are also safer and less harmful for the environment. If you have amalgam fillings and you’d like to have them replaced with white fillings, we can do this no problem.