02 Nov

Dishing out the Dentures in the City of London

Dentures have had some pretty bad press over the years in the city of London and in some cases this has been justified because they often look fake and are terribly ill-fitting. What they do however, is help to retain the health of your mouth and jaws: your bite is important and every treatment that you have ever had, from braces to having crowns fitted, all veer towards one goal- protecting your occlusion; so it is with dentures. However, there has been a lot of time and effort spent on the development of dentures over the past few decades- better materials are being used in their manufacture in order to make them more comfortable, more natural looking, and make the dentures adhere to the mouth better. One of the problems with dentures is keeping them in the mouth, but along with the way they are designed these days, the adhesives have improved too. But probably one of the greatest advances for denture wearers has been the rise of the mini-dental implant. These babies can be fitted into your jaws in a day, and once the dentures have been customised, they simply locate and lock onto the implants, fixing them more firmly than you could ever imagine.