11 May

DIY dentistry in London city

It’s really appalling and I’m not being sarcastic here. When patients have to resort to pulling their own teeth you really have to wonder what the general healthcare has come to!
London and England have long been famous for the reputed NHS free service which was readily offered to patients as well as visitors who visited the city. But it’s not that way now!
Rising healthcare cost as well as a dearth of dentists has forced many patients to attempt treating their maladies at home itself! In fact two separate surveys of patients in London has come out with the shocking conclusions that 19 per cent of patients avoided dental work because of cost while one man admitted to at least ten attempts to remove teeth on his own with pliers!
Another frequent complaint of patients is that patients find it difficult to remember the confusing tariff list of charges. While many more found the cost down right excessive. Quite a few admitted to taking out loans to pay for their dental treatment or shifting to more expensive and private dentists just because a NHS dentist couldn’t be found.
If this can be the condition in developed countries then you can just imagine what must be happening in third world countries! It’s a fact that the NHS system needs a total overhauling and it needs someone with the guts to take on the lumbering giant. More reforms are definitely needed to get primary dental care to thousands of suffering London patients.