07 Jun

Do Veneers discolour in the City of London?

1787127_blogIf you have had veneers fitted, the reason would have been to hide away your ailing and discoloured teeth and replace them with beautiful white porcelain ones. Now although they are extremely durable and very resistant to staining, they are not indestructible and if you are adamant on smoking, drinking red wine and coffee, and the lover of rich foods and curries in the city of London, even the veneers will succumb to this and they may well start to discolour and go yellow. The only good thing about this is that porcelain can easily be polished and cleaned easily; they can even be whitened gently. But that will only last for so long and if you continue to throw the kitchen sink at them each day, they will break down and you will be back to square one, so here, it is your lifestyle you should be addressing. However, veneers have also been known to discolour from within. If there is a flaw in their manufacture or indeed, has had a poor cement used or have been fitted badly and there are gaps between the cement and the veneer, they again will yellow very quickly and you will need to go back to the dentist for a replacement.