13 Mar

Don’t be ashamed of your teeth, get dental veneers from City of London dentists

In today’s image conscious world, having a smile that you can be proud of is very important to allow you to put people at ease. Think about those business meetings or parties when giving people a friendly smile can put the situation so much at ease and get you off on the right footing. But this is not easy to do if there is a problem with your teeth and you are ashamed of the way they look.
If you have a chipped, cracked or stained tooth then you might wish to consider having a dental veneer fitted. Dental veneers are basically discreet coverings for your teeth. Usually made out of porcelain which allows them to be incredibly thin without compromising on durability, veneers are suitable if you have a cracked, chipped or discoloured tooth which you would like to be concealed.
Thanks to stunning advances in technology you can have a dental veneer fitted in no time at all. Your dentist will be able to take a digital image of your mouth, and send it to an online milling machine which will do all the hard work of constructing the veneer. Incredibly this takes only about six minutes and then the veneer will be in the surgery, ready for your dentist to fit it. He or she can then match it to your surrounding teeth in terms of colour and texture and then affix it using dental composite.
Sometimes a little of the existing tooth needs to be removed in order to incorporate the dental veneer but this is less likely given how thin modern dental veneers are. Talk to your City of London dentist today if you want more advice about dental veneers.