22 Oct

Don’t be shy! Opt for Dentures in London

It’s funny, but dentures still have a bad status whenever you think about them in London, but then they always gave of bad press in the past and sometimes, this was justified:- dentures have always been notoriously hard to keep in the mouth. Thank the heavens then that a lot of research has been ploughed into dentures and now, they are starting to make a fashionable comeback. For a start, better treatment of gum disease has led to less teeth being pulled these days, so this has seen a huge rise in partial dentures being worn by people; they are cheap and easy to manage each day, aside from looking natural. There has also been a large development in full dentures too: More comfortable and natural looking materials, better cements/adhesives and the use of the mini-dental implant has made dentures more comfortable than ever to wear, as well as them being anchored in the mouth firmer than they ever were in the past. Yes dentures come with years of bad press, but don’t dismiss them out of hand; they are a good alternative to tooth-loss and have become very user friendly over the years of development that has been plied into them.