01 Jul

Don’t compromise the health of your gums, say Central London dentists

As all of the different parts of your mouth work together to stay healthy and retain high levels of functionality, it is not a good idea to neglect one part of the mouth. Doing so will have repercussions for the general health of the mouth. This is the case with your gums because failing to keep them healthy can actually negatively affect the health of your whole mouth.
Gums are sensitive to the acidic plaque which is formed after you eat and drink. Plaque causes them to inflame and eventually they can recede and some of your teeth themselves might fall out. So keeping your teeth clean is actually about the health of your gums as well the actual teeth. Plaque on the gum line of teeth has to be removed.
One of the places where plaque often escapes without being removed is in between teeth. This is why it is vital to floss. Gum disease might start off as a fairly benign set of symptoms including reddening of the gums and greater sensitivity to different temperatures in food and drink, but the inflammation can spread to the bones which hold teeth in place. At this point, tooth loss becomes a palpable risk.
Visiting your Central London dentist every six months is a central part of the fight against plaque and keeping gums healthy. Dentists are trained not just to look out for your teeth, they are also experts in the wellbeing of your gums. As such they can spot the early signs of gum disease and offer you the appropriate advice that will restore your gums to health. The good news is that the basic form of gum disease – gingivitis – can usually be reversed by following some simple advice.