19 Apr

Don’t forget your Toothbrush in Central London

Toothbrushes are probably the pinnacle of oral hygiene in central London; it’s the first thing you use when you start your daily cleaning programme so it is important that you get the right one for your teeth and gums. You may like to work with a hygienist on this one because your mouth changes as the years roll by and when it comes to the bristles on your brush, you will need to adapt, so think bristles before you buy. There are some great hand held brushes around that can get the job done; some come with a tongue scrubber on the back as well so you are in safe hands with these. But for pure genius, electric toothbrushes have changed the landscape of oral hygiene, plus they take the pain out of your wrists: the development that has been put into brushes like these has been remarkable and designed to clean in every way possible. Some pulse for the removal of tartar, others come with a jet wash to get just below the gum-line for a total clean. A lot of what you buy can be trial and error at first but seeing as they are incredibly cheap to buy, give all of them a go because you can never have enough brushes and also, getting a great brush will only help to promote your oral hygiene.