20 Aug

Don’t let aesthetics put you off teeth straightening; choose Inman aligners from London dentists

Straightening out the teeth of patients is not simply a concern for people who are worried about the look of their crooked smile. There are also implications for oral hygiene too as a misaligned bit can lead to tooth grinding, not to mention the possibility of cavities if teeth are too bunched up to be able to be cleaned properly. Of the options on offer for patients who need their teeth straightened, Inman aligners offer something unique and enticing.
Instead of relying on a whole system of metal brackets and wires, like the traditional metal brace, Inman essentially has just two working parts. This means that it cannot deal with the complex array of teeth rotations and such like that metal braces can, but they are very effective at sorting out minor alignment issues.
The two parts of Inman aligners are a coiled spring which is placed behind the front teeth and a straightening bar which runs across the front teeth. The spring pushes the teeth against the bar, moving them into a straightened position. This can usually be achieved in about six month’s time, which is likely to be more popular than the eighteen months to two years which wearers often require with traditional metal braces.
If you are concerned about the alignment of your smile, you should ask your London dentist about the Inman aligner. They are convenient and comfortable to wear as well as being very discreet. As an added bonus, they are completely removable. For the purposes of cleaning your mouth this is handy and also means that social occasions can still be undertaken with considerable ease.