14 Sep

Don’t underestimate gum disease say Central London dentists

Gum disease is often overlooked as a serious threat. For some reason we often assume that the health of our teeth and gums is somehow less important than that of the rest of out body. If a person has an eye infection, the first thing they will likely do is pay a visit to a doctor to have it examined and treated but the same is not true for our teeth. A fact underlined by the statistics that show that over three quarters of adults in the UK will have gum disease at some point but only a fraction will have it treated.
You may be asking yourself what all the fuss is about, and if gum disease is really such a big deal. Well the truth is that it really is a big deal. Over the last few years more and more links have been found between gum disease and overall health. It has been found to have links with heart disease and in extreme cases can even be the cause of fatal heart attacks. And this is to say nothing of the pain and damage it can inflict upon your teeth. It has also been found that something as simple as flossing can actually add years onto your life expectancy, such is the importance of healthy gums.
Gum disease starts when plaque attacks the gum tissue around the base of the teeth. This irritates and ultimately leads to an infection. If not treated this can become very serious and painful and will spread around the mouth. Gum disease can easily spread into the bloodstream in the mouth, where it will be carried to the arteries around the heart causing a narrowing of the arteries that characterises heart disease.
The ironic thing is that despite being so serious, gum disease is easily treated providing you see your Central London dentist in sufficient time. As with all dental problems, the best form of treatment is prevention so remember to brush and floss well twice a day, every day.