18 May

Dragging your teeth into shape in London

If you are getting to that point where your teeth need straightening in London, well first take heart from the fact that your relatives have never had so much choice as you. There are two reasons behind getting your teeth straightened and though most people would assign it as being down to vanity, there is a health implication as well and that is to ensure your ‘bite’ is protected and true in order to prevent damage to your jaw joints.
The choices behind teeth straightening often comes down to how complex the work is; for example, truly intricate work may involve the removal of teeth first followed by a long period of time wearing a fixed, metallic brace. On the other hand some braces work in as little as 6 weeks! One of the stigmas involving braces and aligners is how they look in the mouth; the Americans have been sympathetic about this in their designs and come up with some pretty amazing options. Some of the fixed braces use subtle coloured plates and wires to fit in with the tone of your mouth.
Others just work quickly and so are subtle enough. Some however are extremely unique, especially the removable aligners- yes removable- great for cleaning and great for eating, but other than also working faster than most, there are some that are made from a clear plastic and so are almost impossible to detect once fitted. Like anything else, you should shop around and consult your dentist for suitability, but utmost, you should get one that will set you up for life and if it’s pretty too, then that’s a bonus!