24 Oct

Dry Mouth and Tooth Decay in Central London

One of the greatest ways you can protect your mouth in central London is to keep up your saliva levels to prevent your mouth from becoming dry and avoiding the possibility of dental cavities from forming. But this can be trickier than it sounds for there are many issues that surround the problems of having a dry mouth- it is caused by many things. If you have just bounced back from some radio or chemo therapy, this will naturally leave you bereft of saliva, as will being on a course of heavy medication, having a poor diet or being stressed out. The problem is this: saliva can help to fight off, quite naturally, acids in the mouth and stop them from attacking the enamel of every tooth in your mouth. Yes you can throw all of the products you like at the problem, but your saliva is the main key in fighting any dangers that may manifest themselves in your mouth. Remove this and your teeth and gums will dry out and leave you vulnerable to gum disease and subsequently, the threat of dental cavities that then lead on to tooth decay and sadly, the loss of your teeth. What you really must do is seek advice about this immediately from your dentist and get your whole body back on track and only then, you will give your teeth and gums a fighting chance to avoid cavities and ensure your mouth is healthy and wise.