14 May

Dynamic Digital X-rays in Central London

If things go wrong in your mouth, you don’t want to be hanging around for weeks before you get a diagnosis, because in that time, the condition could get far worse. Technology has put this possible crisis to bed though, thanks largely to the development of the digital x-ray. X-rays of old were cumbersome to store and could take weeks to process; not so with the digital version. Once the image has been taken of the affected area, the images will be on a screen in seconds, thus allowing the dentist to make a quick diagnosis of the problem and set about curing it immediately. These images can be stored easily in the computer files and retrieved very quickly when needed. They can also be sent off in an e-mail if your dentist requires a specific diagnosis from an expert in the field of your problem, anywhere in central London. All of this means that getting treated these days is a precise art-form, which is very good news for your oral health.