03 Jan

Easing Gingivitis or Gum Disease with Herbal Remedies in the City of London

It’s very easy just to place a lot of oral problems in the hands of your dentist in the city of London and expect modern medicine to do its work in curing you. But, as we become more aware of new treatments available to us, you may be surprised to learn that modern dentistry also utilises traditional methods such as herbal remedies to fight problems, especially with gum disease. It’s no secret that gum disease not only affects all things oral, but all things body too, so it’s extremely important to nip this problem in the bud and there are some great herbal remedies out there to help the cause. If you are starting to have problems such as bleeding and weeping gums, this can lead to soreness and needs to be treated by your dentist, but until then, applying clove oil to the problem area can soothe the affected area, as cloves are a natural anaesthetic and great for soothing any discomfort. Another well proven remedy for gum disease is Echinacea, a fantastic tonic to build up your immune system- one of the causes behind this disease is a low immune system. Simply drop a little of the oil into a glass of warm water, rinse and swallow at least three times a day, as it will fight against any infection. Tea tree oil is great when soaked on dental floss, but the most popular remedy is applying aloe vera gel straight onto the gums. Combine all of these remedies and you can fight off gum disease for ever and keep your mouth healthy.