16 Aug

Easy steps to beat dental decay at City of London dentist

When we are young we are often told how important it is to clean our teeth everyday. Like anything we are told when we are young, we assume we know best and can often overlook the seriousness of the advice. When it comes to dental hygiene, the things we are told as children about looking after our teeth are absolutely true, as anyone who has suffered from dental decay will be able to tell you.
If you do not clean your teeth effectively each day with brushing and flossing, using the right kind of brush and tooth paste your teeth will come under attack form plaque and bacteria, which will gradually begin to erode the protective enamel layer around the outside of the teeth. When this layer has been breached, the more sensitive inner parts of the teeth are exposed to the bacteria which may cause infection. If the infection takes hold it can destroy the inner parts of the tooth and the dental nerve, which will ultimately lead to the tooth falling out and the possible spread of the infection. This whole process is called dental decay, and while very real and very unpleasant, is easily preventable with improved oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing will help to keep levels of plaque and bacteria low. This limits the damage that can be done by plaque and protects teeth.
It is also vitally important that you see a City of London dentist every six months so they can examine your teeth for the  signs of dental decay and offer any necessary treatment. By following these few simple steps just like you were told as a child you will be able to keep your teeth free from the pain and discomfort of dental decay.