04 Mar

Eliminate discolouration with teeth whitening from City of London dentist

Teeth discolouration can be a problem for some people causing self-confidence issues and embarrassment but fortunately it is easily treated with modern and effective teeth whitening systems. Everybody suffers from discolouration as teeth naturally lose their colour during your lifetime but it affects some people more than others. Other people suffer from extra discolouration difficulties due to excess fluoride in the water or due to lifestyle choices such as smoking or drinking red wine.
Teeth whitening has been used for many years to restore the natural white colour of teeth but in the last few years it has become increasingly affordable and available, and is now offered as a routine procedure at most dentists. Most whitening treatments involve a thorough cleaning of the teeth before applying a whitening gel in a specially modified tray. The tray keeps the gel in contact with the surface of the teeth while simultaneously protecting the soft tissue of the gums and lips.
The active ingredient in whitening gels is usually hydrogen peroxide, which penetrates the stained enamel and bleaches it to restore the colour. This gel can be dangerous to soft tissue in high concentrations so it is advised that any teeth whitening you have is applied or prepared by a professional. Whitening kits bought for home use or from the internet can be dangerous if applied incorrectly.
Whitening can have a dramatic impact on a person’s appearance. Because whiter teeth are associated with youth, even subtle whitening can make you appear younger. Whitening usually takes a few treatments to show visible results but once whitened the effects can last for up to three years. City of London dentists offer teeth whitening for all patients with all budgets.