13 May

Embracing Dentures in the City of London

Dentures, it would be safe to say, have never had good press historically in the fine city of London: not very good looking and a right old mare to keep them in your mouth. Dentures though are important at retaining the occlusion of your mouth, or the way your jaws bite together, so with any form of tooth-loss, they still play an important role in the health of your mouth. Huge advances in the treatment of gum and periodontal disease has seen a lot more teeth being saved, and consequently led to a huge rise in people wearing partial dentures: they are so better made these days, easy to wear and so easy to manage. But full dentures have also gone through a huge transition because of the level of science and design that has gone into making them. They are made from soft materials and look very natural like never before, it also means that they adapt and adhere to the mouth more strongly. Adhesives have also got better over time and help glue dentures into the mouth better, but the biggest leap forward of all with full dentures is how they work brilliantly with dental implants. They lock the dentures to the gums securely and remove the threat of them falling out.