05 Oct

Emergency procedures in the City of London

In any emergency, it is very easy to hit the panic button as during the melee, and sometimes the pain you just don’t think straight- which is a normal human response; such as it is with a dental emergency too. It would always be wise to clue yourself up about various dental problems before the event (should it arise), and you can do this by sitting down with your dentist and going through the possible problems that may crop-up in the future. Minor problems such as a tooth ache, the loss of a crown, filling and a veneer can be countered with some regular painkillers or some herbal remedies, just until your dentist can treat you. However, serious problems need instant attention: having a tooth knocked out or the eruption of an abscess requires instant work and if you can’t get to your dentist, then get to a hospital. The city of London is a 24 hour metropolis; it has dentists that work around the clock, as do the hospitals. There are help lines you can call as well if you are having problems. It can be easy to over-react to a dental emergency, but with a little knowledge behind you, you can give yourself peace-of-mind and look after your oral health in a crisis.