01 Nov

Endless possibilities for straight teeth with braces from City of London dentist

Over the years, the stigma attached to braces has gradually been worn away. There are a number of reasons why this has happened. Firstly, a general change in prevailing attitude has meant it is now more important than ever to have straight teeth. Secondly, improvements in technology have meant that braces are more affordable to all patients and are no longer prohibitively expensive. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the technological improvements have meant that braces are no longer the large unsightly metal brackets of the past. All sorts of new developments have seen the introduction of more comfortable and less visually intrusive braces.
The first significant change was the introduction of effective invisible, or clear plastic braces. In 1999 Align technologies introduced their Invisalign range which for the first time made invisible braces an effective alternative. Initially expensive, the cost of Invisalign treatment has come down in the last few years and is now an option available for all.
Although the most discreet, the Invisalign system is quite a lengthy one. Other braces on the market now offer incredibly rapid straightening. Both the Six-Month Smile and Inman braces offer visible straightening results in less than six-months, an astonishing reduction in treatment time of 75 per cent on more conventional braces. More suitable for smaller overcrowding issues, threes braces are perfect for more mature patients wanting to put the finishing touches to a beautiful smile.
Even the old metal brace has had an overhaul. Damon braces are similar in style to the old train-track braces but utilise clear plastic and ceramic brackets to offer a more discreet treatment. Also, by using their revolutionary sliding mechanism there is no need for painful regular tightening.
Whatever your straightening needs, there is a brace that is best suited for your teeth. Whether it be a complete straightening procedure or just moving that last tooth into position, a City of London dentist will be able to advise you on the most suitable brace for you.