12 Nov

Endodontic Treatment Offered in London

Root canal treatment is performed by your London dentist or endodontist (i.e., root canal specialist) if dental caries progresses into the pulpal tissue in the tooth. Dental pulp is made up of nerves, a blood supply, and connective tissue, etc. Bacteria are harmful to the pulp and cause the dental pulp to die. This usually culminates in dental pain, tooth loss and/or bone loss. The root canal procedure, performed by your London dentist or endodontist, begins when they anesthetize the involved tooth, and place an isolation device that is used to keep the area clean and dry. An access opening is then drilled through the tooth enamel and dentin, and into the pulp tissue. The pulp and infected dentin are then removed from the root canal chamber and canals using drills and hand files. The inside of the tooth is then sterilized using chemical solutions and thoroughly dried. Gutta percha, a root canal filling material is then inserted into the canals and chamber to keep bacteria from penetrating. Endodontic treatment also protects adjacent teeth from the spread of infection. An antibiotic is sometimes used if there was an infection present. The tooth is now dry and more susceptible to damage in the future if a crown is not eventually placed on the root canalled tooth.