16 Mar

Enduring Sensitive Teeth? Dentists In London Offer Solution

For millions of people who are enduring sensitive teeth would say that the sharp pain and distress are close to hell; however, there’s a piece of good news for them. Now they can take in their favorite hot or cold foodstuff without any hassle.Lynda, a Berkshire teenage girl says that the pain from her sensitive teeth is just intolerable. It gets worse when I take cold or hot stuff. I cannot even smile on a chilling evening. I’ve tried all OTC dental flosses and pastes and they just don’t seem to relieve me of the searing pain, remarks Lynda.
She consulted her dentist in London who updated her that she can be relieved with toothpaste that’s going to hit London soon.
“Dentists of Maryland, United States developed an ingredient mimicking saliva with high-concentration minerals called Novamin and this is included in a toothpaste formulation gave a product that can soothe sensitive teeth. Its rich in minerals, therefore, non-toxic and natural as well,” remarks the dental pro in London. He further remarks that sensitive teeth develop due to diminishing gums exposing the roots of the tooth that possess small pores expose the nerve resulting in the sensitivity. The Novamin can plug the pores and thus there is exposure of nerve and no searing pain and discomfort. No Lynda you can smile and laugh to your heart’s content,” says the doctor. “Novamin is soon to be available here and you can take it,” quipped the doctor