10 May

Enhance Your Looks with 21st-Century London Orthodontics

London dentists have all the modern orthodontics technology to align your teeth and give you that perfect smile without the pain, discomfort and long periods of adjustments associated with traditional braces.
Nowadays they have at least four kinds of contemporary orthodontics techniques to align your teeth to enhance your looks and solve functional problems. These modern orthodontics techniques include the following:
Invisalign braces. These are almost invisible aligners that painlessly move the teeth to their right position as you wear them week by week. As these braces are designed with 3D computer-aided design, they fit perfectly over the teeth. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign braces can be taken out when eating or brushing.
• Damon braces. These are fixed light braces that use low friction mechanics to reduce the number of months and number of clinic visits a patient needs to get treated.
• Lingual braces. These give the best option for people who want to get their teeth aligned but could not sacrifice periods of brace-strained appearance. These braces are completely invisible because they are fitted snugly to the hidden side of the teeth.
• Cosmetic braces. These clear aesthetic braces are good for teenagers who may be unable to comply with brace care instructions. They are bonded and fixed onto the teeth to do away with problems associated with conventional braces.
• Tooth-coloured braces. These are custom-made braces that are made almost invisible because they are stained to take the colour of the patient’s teeth.
Your London dentists can perform any one of these braces that you select and any one of these can give you that perfectly aligned set of teeth, enabling you to give glistening smiles.