07 Jul

Enjoy Ice Cream Again! City of London Dentist Treats Sensitive Teeth

When summer comes about its nice to be able to enjoy a cold drink or an ice cream, but for many people such cold products can cause create discomfort and pain. Sensitive teeth effect a great many people, your City of London dentist has some recommendations of how it can be reduced. Not can it make eating and drinking less enjoyable but sensitivity can be a symptom of a deeper problem.
Sensitivity occurs when the enamel of your teeth has been worn away and exposed the inner dentin. Dentin is a softer material than enamel and more sensitive to change in temperature. Today a very common cause for the disappearance of our enamel is acid erosion. From soft drinks, fruit juices and alcohol our diets are becoming increasingly acidic. Acid soften your enamel, which is then more easily worn away when it comes into contact within anything. Reducing consumption of acidic foods and drinks should stop your teeth from becoming sensitive. There are many reasons that enamel can be damaged and eroded from tooth decay to gum disease and physical injuries. Having a strict dental routine of brushing and flossing twice a day will keep most of these dangers at bay.
If you are already experiencing sensitive teeth there are a few forms of treatment. For at home use there are a variety of tooth pastes that are specially designed to help combat teeth sensitivity, these should be your first port of call. For more serious cases you should visit your dentist to speak within them about professional treatments methods such as a fluoride spray which may help to restore some defences to your teeth.