23 Oct

Eroding Teeth in Central London

Erosion of any type is a destructive element in any situation and the same can be said of teeth erosion as well. We subject our mouths to a lot of sins in central London from food, drink and sometimes smoking, and unless we continue to keep up will a good level of oral hygiene, the acids from these ravishes will attack the enamel of the teeth causing it to break down and that’s where tooth decay sets in: erosion of this nature can also lead to gum disease. But if you grind your teeth, this to can erode away the surfaces of the teeth as well and again, leave them susceptible to tooth decay. There are ways however to help prevent these problems from happening. Regular dental visits can identify such problems going on in the mouth quickly and rectify them: there are fluoride treatments that can help re-mineralize the teeth’s enamel. In the case of decay, a filling or a root canal can help to save teeth, but before that, you can have dental sealants laid over your teeth to prevent this from happening in the first place. Damage from teeth grinding can be prevented by having a mouth-guard made up. In the end though, good oral hygiene and watching what you overload your mouth with (fatty and acidic foods), are probably the best way of combating tooth decay.