25 Feb

Ever Considered Professional Tooth Whitening in London?

Do you sometimes look in the mirror and feel disappointed by the sight of discoloured teeth? Tooth discolouration is completely normal, particularly as we age, but it can have damaging effects on our self-esteem.
Many people have discoloured teeth because they consume too many foods and drinks, like coffee, tea, and red wine, that can stain our teeth. Smoking can also contribute to tooth discolouration, as can a build-up of plaque of tartar.
Tooth-whitening is a popular procedure to reduce the effects of age, smoking and strongly-coloured foods. It works by letting more oxygen into the hard, white surface of your teeth, enamel. This whitens them, and in turn, makes you look ten years younger.
While many people might try take-home bleaching kits, professional tooth-whitening by dentists can yield much quicker and more effective results.
The most common form of professional tooth-whitening is external bleaching. This involves your dentist making rubber mouth trays with which you can apply bleaching gel to your teeth on a regular basis. This is often far more effective than bleaching kits bought in shops, though it works in a similar way.
For quicker results, your dentist can use a special light to speed-up the bleaching process – so you’ll see the difference as soon as you’re done.
Tooth-whitening is an easy, painless way to a better you. Visit your local London dental practice to take your first steps.