11 Dec

Everything You Need to Know About Crown Lengthening This Christmas

Crown lengthening is a cosmetic dental procedure designed to improve the appearance of the smile and boost oral health by increasing the amount of crown tissue visible when you smile and enabling your dentist to carry out a complete tooth restoration. By removing excess gum tissue, your dentist is able to restore the entire crown, giving you a healthier looking tooth.  If you’re conscious about the look of your teeth, worried about your oral health or long for a more attractive smile, crown lengthening could be the perfect Christmas treat.

Who can benefit from crown lengthening?

Crown lengthening may be beneficial in cases where the tooth root is fractured or damaged or the gums are infected. It is not recommended in cases where:

  • individuals have gum disease due to poor oral hygiene
  • the teeth are severely damaged
  • a patient smokes – smoking affects the body’s ability to heal and increases the risk of gum disease

What does crown lengthening treatment entail?

There are various procedures that can be used to lengthen the tooth crown and remove surplus gum tissue. These include:

  • gingivectomy – this involves using laser technology to remove excess gum tissue
  • pressured root eruption
  • apical repositioning

Your dentist will explain exactly what the procedure involves and we can offer treatment under sedation for nervous patients. Before you agree to treatment, your dentist will outline the benefits and the potential risks of crown lengthening.
If you would like to find out more, simply call us or pop into one of our clinics to arrange a consultation.