11 Jun

Evils in your mouth in the city of London

One of the constant threats to the mouth in the city of London is that of periodontal disease. You first realize you may have a problem when the gums start to inflame and bleed after brushing and the gums start to weep during the day, leaving you with a bad taste in the mouth; this can also lead to bad breath. But even though the main cause of it is the build up of plaque and bad bacteria in the mouth, there is another consideration to be taken into account- the body’s immune system. A body in good balance enriches the immune system and when it comes to the mouth, it ensures good saliva levels that naturally fight bacteria and allow the teeth to remain strong during chewing. But if this is reduced through a poor diet, heavy smoking and drinking, steroids or drug abuse, the immune system takes a battering and so the natural resistance to toxins and plaque in the mouth starts to break down. Periodontitis will set in very quickly, forming pockets between the teeth and gums, cause teeth to loosen and fall out, and destroy the bone tissue in the jaw. Only by maintaining a strong program of oral hygiene, backed up with the support or regular dental check-ups, can you prevent things like this reaching an advanced level.