05 Feb

Expectant mum uses vlogs to share her experience of pregnancy dental dilemmas

A pregnant woman has been praised for sharing her experiences of dental dilemmas with the world via a series of candid vlogs.

Many people are aware of morning sickness, back pain, tiredness and swollen ankles, but the risk of dental issues, most notably bleeding and swollen gums, is a less well-known side-effect of pregnancy. Croatian vlogger, Ella Dvornik is hoping to change this by raising awareness of the risk of gum disease symptoms.

Ella, 29, admits that she has got used to bleeding gums during pregnancy, as it happened to her when she had her first child, Balie, who is now two, but she wanted to use her platform to alert other mums-to-be. Ella’s social media accounts contain graphic images of blood running down her lips, and her Facebook posts have prompted other mothers to get in touch and share the symptoms and side-effects they experienced.

Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can elevate the risk of gum disease, and many women find that they are more susceptible to bleeding and inflamed gums during pregnancy. Due to the high risk of gum disease, which can cause complications during childbirth and labour, pregnant women are advised to see their dentist at least once every 6 months and to keep an eye out for symptoms including bleeding when you brush, swelling and pain. 

Having shared images of her blood-stained teeth on social media, Ella was inundated with comments and messages from other women, some of whom admitted that they had lost teeth during pregnancy.

In light of Ella’s story and the growing body of evidence to support the link between poor gum health and wider health issues, dental experts encourage all pregnant women to attend regular check-ups and to take steps to protect their teeth and gums during pregnancy. Bleeding gums are normal if you floss for the first time or you use a new toothbrush, but if you notice persistent bleeding, or your gums are sore or swollen, it’s wise to arrange a dental appointment as soon as possible.