11 Oct

Experience for yourself the stunning results of dental veneers from London dentist

The teeth can suffer from many conditions and disease that wear down or damage the tooth enamel making the teeth lose some of their functionality or look damaged and in poor condition. Not only will this affect the appearance of the smile but it will also cause some emotional damage if the teeth cause pain or make patients anxious about their appearance.
One of the most effective ways of repairing teeth that are damaged by worn enamel or discolouration is by having a set of dental veneers fitted. In the past dental veneers were successful but also required the removal of otherwise healthy tooth enamel. This was always done reluctantly by dentists as tooth enamel will not come back once it has been removed and this can be bad for the teeth. However, modern veneers are very thin and extremely lifelike, meaning that nobody will notice that they are not real teeth and will mostly be stunned by how great they actually look.
Dental veneers themselves are thin ceramic shells, often made of porcelain as this looks very much like real tooth enamel. They are cemented over the top of the existing teeth suing composite resin, which sets them firmly in place. Because they are so thin they can even be placed over the top of existing dental work such as crowns and fillings.
Dental veneers can be expensive but they will also last a very long time if properly cared for. It is not unusual for veneers to last as long as fifteen to twenty years and in some cases even longer. Make an appointment with your London dentist to discuss further the possibility of having dental veneers and the benefits this could have for your teeth.