22 May

Extra Protection for your teeth with Sealants in the City of London

For all your best laid plans you have for the dental health of your children in the city of London, it is not possible to watch what they are putting into their mouths each day and even though you think that you have drummed into them the importance of brushing their teeth properly, they are still vulnerable from the threat of tooth decay and plaque on a daily basis.
This is where the surface of the teeth are exposed to bacteria and acids, this is especially delicate when their second teeth come through; this is the time to pull your joker from the pack and have your children fitted with a dental sealant; once the tooth has been cleaned, a gel is applied before the tooth is washed and dried. Then  a thin coating of plastic laid onto the chewing areas of the back teeth and cured with a lamp. Within a minute, the plastic will have hardened to form an impenetrable seal over the tooth that will keep out any bacteria and prevent any chance of plaque forming on the surface of the tooth. This will eliminate any chance of tooth decay taking hold and do away with any need for fillings.
With great care, the sealant can last up to 10 years, but these years are the most formative ones when it comes to tooth development. The less corrective procedures done during this time means that the teeth remain trouble free, by which time, your child will have grown up and be in a position to look after their teeth correctly, you can smile in the knowledge that you gave it your best shot!