24 Jan

Extracting a Tooth at London dental clinic

Why is a tooth extraction performed? An extraction is performed when a tooth is broken down, or severely decayed and/or damaged. When visiting a London dentist, they may attempt to try to save the tooth by performing fillings, or root canal treatment and a crown. However, if it is decided by you and your dentist that the tooth cannot be saved, then a tooth extraction will be performed. It is the process of removing the tooth from its surrounding bony structure.
There are several other reasons why a tooth may require extraction. These include the following: 1) the eruption of a tooth may be hindered by another tooth as in the case of wisdom teeth and other impacted teeth; 2) if orthodontic treatment is required and there is not enough space in your mouth; 3) if you are undergoing head and neck radiation your teeth may be destroyed by the X-rays and lack of saliva in your mouth; 4) if you are undergoing chemotherapy for cancer tooth infections may occur, as these drugs weaken the overall immune system; and 5) if you have undergone or plan to undergo an organ transplant, as you have be much more prone to infections because you are taking immune system suppressing drugs.