28 Sep

Facing up to a Dental Emergency in the City of London

One of the advantages of living in the city of London is that it is on the go for 24 hours a day, places are open for shopping and going out and dancing- it’s wonderful. With this comes the knowledge that the same can be said about the place if you have a dental emergency. You can never tell when an emergency will arise: you can plan ahead for it at home by having painkillers, soothing gels and anti-bacterial mouthwashes, but that doesn’t help when you are out and about. During the day, if a crisis strikes, you can either call your dentist for help or the NHS helpline. Some hospitals like the Bart & the London Dental Hospital have walk in sessions all day which are free, but will treat the worse cases first- they do have a 24 hour help line number. However, if the emergency occurs at night-time, you can walk into A&E as a last resort, but you should also familiarise yourself with the many places dotted around the city that are open 24 hours a day- including weekends and holidays. Though private, you can pay-as-you-go or you may even be able to get treated using your own insurance policy. These are great places to go in a crisis as they are friendly, multi lingual and you will be seen straight away. In any dental emergency, it is easy to get upset and blow the nature of the crisis out of all proportion, which is why these help lines are so brilliant: they can help to calm you down and identify what is wrong and with all this information, you can decide the correct course of action to take.