25 Aug

Facing up to Oral Cancer in Central London

Learning that you have cancer at any time is a shock in itself and coming to terms with that is hard enough. But the biggest challenge is just around the corner and that’s fighting it. Oral cancer is on the increase in central London, just why, no-one can be sure about, but it has been linked with lifestyle. The city is a stressful place to work, people get run down quickly and the immune system can take a battering, this is where the biggest danger lies: hit the body as well with fast food and fast living and it is a recipe for disaster. Smoking and excessive drinking have also been linked to the disease. But there is one hell of a light at the end of this very gloomy tunnel. The amount of people that are overcoming the hell of oral cancer is on the increase, because the disease is being caught and diagnosed early on, which hopefully means that as individuals, we are learning to look out for the symptoms and getting ourselves checked out more. You should know if something is going wrong in your mouth: constant ulcers, trouble swallowing, constant jaw ache, foul breath- these are a dead give away that something is awry, but for peace of mind, a dentist can help you out and also run a series of tests to check your fears, and if the news is bad, they will set you up for treatment immediately so that you have the greatest chance of beating the illness. There are also some amazing back-up support groups in the system as well, because even after beating the disease, the getting over the whole trauma of the experience can also be a fight in itself too.